System Boiler
System boilers work in a similar way to conventional boilers apart from the fact that several components have been added to the boiler. These components eliminate the need for an extra tank in the loft which provides the water for the system. It also means that all the associated pipework such as the cold feed and open vent to the boiler are no longer needed.

A system boiler works together with a cylinder to provide hot water. Because hot water is pumped directly from the boiler to the radiators and hot water circuit the result is a faster response time and more economical running costs.

Conventional Boiler
Conventional boilers offer a more traditional approach to providing heating to the home. Water for both the heating system and hot water supply is provided by tanks in the loft. Conventional boilers work together with a cylinder to provide stored hot water.

Although these boilers require more space in a home they can work well for people with a high hot water requirement. For example two or more bathrooms.


Combination Boiler
These boilers are ideal when space saving is a priority and hot water demand is not too high. Having a combination boiler eliminates the need for loft tanks and a hot water cylinder.

Combination boilers provide hot water on demand so you do not have to wait for a cylinder to heat up before you can draw hot water from the taps. When a hot tap is turned on these boilers draw in cold water which is heated instantaneously and is then sent off to your tap.

Combination boilers have become the most popular choice for homes in the UK.


We use industry standard powerflush machines to clean the water contained within your boiler, radiators and associated pipework. Cleaning chemicals enable us to remove sludge from the system and eliminate cold spots on radiators.

Having a clean system will help in reducing fuel bills and improve comfort levels within a property. In cases where there is a hydrogen build up in the radiators leading to constant bleeding of the radiators, a powerflush will stop this from occurring. The life of components such as the pump will be increased.

At Heat Up Property Services we carry out landlord certificates and boiler servicing at very reasonable prices. Just call for a quote.

There is never a convenient time for your heating system to fail but in that eventuality we intend to provide a friendly and efficient service to get your heating working properly again.